Thirty-three Priests have served our church as chaplains, vicars and rectors.  Unlike a Rectory or Vicarage, where details of the appointments are recorded in the appropriate Bishop's register and the priest is instituted by the Bishop and inducted by the Archdeacon, the position of a chaplain is very different.  He was appointed by the founder, who notified the Bishop of the appointment and the only record was in the deed of appointment.  In some cases this document has not survived.  We were fortunate that the deeds appointing Roger Cotes, 1752-1780, and his successor Joseph Rathbone, 1780-1791, survived in Lichfield Joint Record Office.  The deeds appointing William Shaw, John Podmore, Samuel Foden and Humphry Wright have not survived, but we may be reasonably certain that they were each appointed on the death of their predecessors.

It appears there is a missing name between Samuel Foden, died 1688, and Humphry Wright, died 1752.  Had Wright succeeded Foden in 1688, he would have served 72 years, which is impossible as he died aged 54.  A possible explanation is that Harvey Broughton, fifth son of Sir Brian the first baronet served as chaplain.  He was born in 1662, graduated Trinity College, Oxford, where he matriculated at age sixteen BA 1681 and MA 1684.  He become Rector of Mucklestone in 1682 and held the rectory until 1720.  he was a plurist, who also held the Rectory of Hampton Lucy in Warwickshire from 1683 and became a Canon of Lichfield Cathedral in 1710.  He died in 1724 and we do not know where he is buried.  He fits the gap between Foden and Wright perfectly.  If we assume he succeeded Foden in 1688 and held the chaplaincy until 1720 when he left Mucklestone, which would give Wright thirty-two years as chaplain.  From 1791 to 1852 three Broughtons served as chaplains.
Chaplains and Incumbents of Broughton

1630-1635 William Ingram NA Cantab, Christ's College
          1651 William Shaw MA Cantab, St John's College occurs
Died 1679 John Podmore
Died 1688 Samuel Foden MA Cantab, Jesus College
Harvey Broughton
Died 1752 Humphry Wright MA Cantab, Magdalene College
1752-1780 Robert Cotes
1780-1791 Joseph Rathbone
1791-1802 Sir Thomas Delves Broughton
1802-1852 Henry Delves Broughton MA Cantab, Jesus Coll
1852-1862 Delves Broughton
1862-1863 Octavious Nicholson
1864-1884 William Grice MA Oxon, University College
1878-1885 Vernon Gilbert Yonge, BA Cantab, St John's
1885-1887 Edward Brown Chariton MA Oxon, Christ Church
1887-1898 Clifford Dalhousie Ramsay
1898-1921 Vincent Litchfield MA Cantab, St John's
1921-1925 William Sidney Robinson MA Cantab, St Catherine's
1926-1930 William Stuart Donald MA Oxon, Keble College
1930-1947 Francis Luke Smithett MA Oxon, Merton College
1948-1952 Rufus Isaac Nathaniel Edwards MA Dunelm
1952-1957 William David Morgan MA Oxon, Jesus College
1957-1961 Frederick James Ayre BA Dunelm
1961-1962 Gilbert Vernon Yonge BA Cantab, St John's
1962-1968 Joseph Doughty Shemilt AKC London
1968-1972 James Basil Williams
1974-1978 Stanley Ernest Moore MA Cantab, Sidney Sussex
1974-1979 Brian Thomas Swinnerton BA New York
1980-1986 William Ernest Foster MA Oxon, Keble College
1986-2000 Wilfred Maxwell Welsh
2000-2002 John Neville Greaves Hon. Canon, Dunelm
2002-2009 Martin Frank Walker, Prebendary of Lichfield
2009-2016 Jonathan Peter Eades
2016-2019 Terry Williams​