Embracing all in faith and fellowship​
Offering love, support and comfort in Christ's name

1.   Inclusion as a strength
2.   Outreach
3.   Collaboration in the wider benefice.

1.1  Welcome all comers: have an open policy on baptisms, weddings and funerals.
1.2  Make good use of the parish magazine to promote our activities.

2.1  Identify opportunities to make and keep contacts: social gatherings
       (Lent lunches, harvest, etc); special/seasonal services.
2.2  ​​​​​​​​​​​​Make an effort to hold special services with a wider appeal on a regular basis.
2.3  Establish and maintain a website giving history of the church, explaining its tradition and outlining attractively
        its worship/events.
2.4  Make shared children's/young​​​ people's work a priority [Showstoppers!]

3.1  Cooperate with John Day and the Independent Methodists with shared​​ worship, study, parish social events.
3.2  Support meetings of the benefice wardens and promote joint activities - Alpha; joint publicity, shared promotions
        ie shared strategic locations.​​