On 9th August 2012 the bells were rung by the team from Stoke on Trent Minster.  They rang a 1/4 peel - the Olympic 5 ring triples first rung at Guildford Cathedral.

The Consecration deed of 1633 refers to one bell.  In 1720, after the marriage with the Delves heiress, Sir Brian had six bells cast and hung in the tower.  These bells were hung on an oak frame and continued to be rung from the ground floor.  A ringing tower was added to the tower in 1820.

In 1922 John Hall had the six smallest bells of 1720 recast and rehung on an iron frame and added a further two larger bells.  The Revd. Weston Vernon Yonge, author of 'Bye-paths of Staffordshire' wrote in 1911:

"There are six bells, none of very early date, and the inscriptions of no special interest except as they record the giver, ie Sir Brian Broughton, Bart 1720.  The aforesaid bells are of beautiful tone, heavy in metal, but sadly need rehanging in a new frame, and one needs recasting.  They cannot be rung properly today on that account."

By 1919 the situation had become worse and very few of them could be rung.  Then came John Hall, who consulted John Taylor, Bell Founders of Loughborough.  The whole peel was recast and two more bells added.  This necessitated alterations to the roof, the fitting of louvers and a special sounding board to ensure a proper exit for the sound.  The floors of the tower were entirely reconstructed and a new ringing chamber installed.

The work was carried out by Messrs Taylor and the structural work on the tower by the workmen of Charnes Estate.  On completion the bells were consecrated by the Bishop of Lichfield on 10th May 1922.